I Need To Step My Game Up

So I’m in Compositing Fundamentals right now. The teacher is doing layer demos in Photoshop. I’ve been using this program for a couple years now and he just blew my fuckin mind. He also showed me some shortcuts earlier that i’ve never known about, albeit some of them are only in the newest version. I actually got some sleep last night, but my work suffered. I was hoping to get two full coloring jobs done, but instead I only got 90% on one, and about 30% on another. Both of the illustrations i’m coloring are Joe Mad pieces though, so I have to take extreme care. I need to do justice to his work. I’ll also post up a really bad 15 minute speedpainting that we did this morn, as well ass 4 other CFM assignments. It was a humbling experience and yet another reminder for me to practice my environments. I’m really excited about this, even though it’s so frustrating.

Push It.



Painting…As Usual.

So I’ve started new classes this month; Fundamentals of Animation and Compositing Fundamentals. Yea, I guess it’s really important to get your fundamentals down huh? Who woulda thought? Anyway, I’m excited for Compositing, as it is a Photoshop heavy course, which is what I’m trying to specialize in. Compositing deals with taking multiple elements (sometimes I’m going to have to create my own) and “compositing” them together to create a finished scene. So there are people who do purely environmental paintings, “matte  painting,” and they are usually on a compositing team. I can also use my future skills to create textures and numerous other things. Basically, if it can be painted then it can be used. So that encompasses pretty much everything. Here is an example of a matte painting, done by the enormously talented artist, Dylan Cole.

Image copyrights belong to all respective holders and not me.

I’m not too into animation, so I’m a little worried about that class. I know we are only animating boxes and balls but still, the shit can be harder than you’d think. I was trying to animate a ball to move to a beat last night. Needless to say, it didn’t go over too well. Animation is a art form all itself, that i’m going to have to put some serious time into…as well as modeling in Maya. Damn. My plate is so stacked these days. My diet of pizza, beer and cigarettes isn’t helping me at all either. Oh man, I just remembered my rent is due today.

With all these animation courses and stuff i have to take, I’ve been going back and watching old disney movies and cartoons that I enjoyed when I was younger. I I suggest you all do the same. I watch it for the technical side of things these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to obviously.

Anyway that is all for now. Below you will see a painting I’m currently working on, as well as an update on the Christian Lichtner/Joe Mad piece.





It’s Pretty Bright Out, I Guess That Means It’s Morning.

I’ve been up all night, since I woke up yesterday evening around 10 pm from my nap. I finished my flipbook for my 2D Animation course. It sucks; The flipbook I mean, not the course. Of course Soul Calibur IV ensued. I did some storyboard drawings too, those were fun to do. Today is the last day fo class for the month. Sweet. Here is a painting I did. It’s a photo study. The original photo was taken by a good friend of mine, Alexandra Hartman.

Keep grindin.



I’ve been getting less and less sleep lately it seems. My classes really take it out of me. On top of that, my side projects are pretty exhausting too. I enjoy it though. I fell off yesterday, hopefully today I can get back up. On a brighter note, I finally put some new spark plugs in my car, and I cleaned the air filter…kind of. Next up is to fix my damn window. Gotta get an oil change yet too. Not too much art to post today. That’s not to say I don’t have any more, I just want to push some other pieces a bit further yet before I post them.

The sketch of the half machine/man character is for a side project I’m working on. The details are all very “hush hush” so I can’t say too much other than he sells balloons. Then there is a woman, obviously. It’s just  a black and white tonal study I’m workin on. Also the picture of the mug, is just a 30 min speedy. I know, I know; my digital isn’t the best. Im trying though, I swear.  Oh yea, the last painting of Venom and the Chick isn’t an original work by me. The line art is by Joe Madureira. I’m trying to copy the colors, originally done by Christian Lichtner. The original image can be seen here.


Nothin Crazy

Nothin crazy is goin on really. I’m glad to say that I’ve finally started to get more focused on my work. I’m debating on whether or not to switch to WordPress altogether. Facebook is cool and all but I miss the blogs. I just have to figure out how to network more using this thing. Maybe I should start using Twitter?

On another note, I’m getting kind of annoyed with people. I mean, here we are at school paying a bunch of money, and yet people still don’t get it. They spend all their time doing nothing, and then they wonder why their skills aren’t up to par. Stop talking about “Oh yea, i’m gonna get on it.” Just stop talking and do. It. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do lately. And people need to learn how to take some constructive criticism.

I don’t sleep too much anymore, and when I do; It’s at the weirdest times for a random duration. Also I have a question. Does anybody else seem to wake up sooner even though they are drunk? It seems that the more sober I am, the longer I sleep.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. I love you. Thanks for everything.


Oh yea, and here is some art. Just some concept sketches and quick face studies.


Early Morning Exercise.

I’ve been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 4 lately, since i’ve seen footage of the upcoming SC:V. Kilik has always been a favorite of mine, so I got a little inspiration to go back and work on a staff-based character of my own that I sketched a while ago.