I’ve been getting less and less sleep lately it seems. My classes really take it out of me. On top of that, my side projects are pretty exhausting too. I enjoy it though. I fell off yesterday, hopefully today I can get back up. On a brighter note, I finally put some new spark plugs in my car, and I cleaned the air filter…kind of. Next up is to fix my damn window. Gotta get an oil change yet too. Not too much art to post today. That’s not to say I don’t have any more, I just want to push some other pieces a bit further yet before I post them.

The sketch of the half machine/man character is for a side project I’m working on. The details are all very “hush hush” so I can’t say too much other than he sells balloons. Then there is a woman, obviously. It’s just  a black and white tonal study I’m workin on. Also the picture of the mug, is just a 30 min speedy. I know, I know; my digital isn’t the best. Im trying though, I swear.  Oh yea, the last painting of Venom and the Chick isn’t an original work by me. The line art is by Joe Madureira. I’m trying to copy the colors, originally done by Christian Lichtner. The original image can be seen here.



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