I Need To Step My Game Up

So I’m in Compositing Fundamentals right now. The teacher is doing layer demos in Photoshop. I’ve been using this program for a couple years now and he just blew my fuckin mind. He also showed me some shortcuts earlier that i’ve never known about, albeit some of them are only in the newest version. I actually got some sleep last night, but my work suffered. I was hoping to get two full coloring jobs done, but instead I only got 90% on one, and about 30% on another. Both of the illustrations i’m coloring are Joe Mad pieces though, so I have to take extreme care. I need to do justice to his work. I’ll also post up a really bad 15 minute speedpainting that we did this morn, as well ass 4 other CFM assignments. It was a humbling experience and yet another reminder for me to practice my environments. I’m really excited about this, even though it’s so frustrating.

Push It.



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