So I found this artist, Phil Noto, and I fell in love with his work. I saw one of his pieces for “Game of Thrones” and I just had to try one myself. Granted, mine is nowhere near his level but I’ll show it anyway. It’s a portrait of my friend Sarah, who loves dragons. So the idea is not mine, I take no credit for this, but it was painted by yours truly.




Back To The Grind

So I just got back from summer break. It was enjoyable. I surprised my parents by visiting them in Myrtle Beach. Then i headed back down to Cocoa Beach. I chilled with some friends, drank and caught up on some much needed sleep. I drew a few things too I  guess hah. Nothing special just some sketches.

First week back to class was a wake up call. I don’t really enjoy my animation class. Compositing is fun.  Below is posted a quick digimatte that we learned how to create in class. Anyway, I’m making this brief, I’ll get around to posting some more stuff later.


Stay True