Heads Up.


I’m slippin again. It’s been a pretty busy month. This school is no friend to ‘free time.’ It’s also not very artistic. So I would post up work here if I cared enough about it. That being said though, I actually am pretty excited about my ZBrush bust. Well I was, until I fucked it up. So after I did some restructuring, I now have to resculpt a whole bunch of details. Whatever. When it’s done i’ll post up progress shots and a final, regardless of whether or not it looks tight. That’s what this blog is for right? So you can follow my progress?


In other news, Odd Nerdrum, an amazing fine artist known for his ‘master style’ paintings has been sentenced to two years in prison. He was charged with tax evasion even though he apparently paid his taxes albeit, late. Also, he’s not allowed to paint while in prison. You can read up on it yourself here and here.


Well, here are a few heads. I need to get back into the swing of things, this school is all 3d. They tell you you need to practice 2d but don’t give you any time. I mean obviously I have a little time but with class and homework im easily doing 65 hours a week. And no, that is not an exaggeration. By any means. I’m always beat.



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