Jason’s Wife

She’d probably look something like this. Maybe not… It’s a friend’s halloween costume. Just another quick sketch before I go back to bed.




Some color for your asses. Splish splash.






Why Am I Up?

I started new classes! I’m back to a normal schedule! Yet my body is still used to my old schedule so alas, here I am perfectly awake at 4:30 am. So I did a quick portrait. 20 mins.




So I figured i’d just add to this post instead of making a whole new post. I decided to play around w/ this portrait a little more. I took the values a little further and added some color on top of it. So here is where it stands now. Obviously it still needs work. I lost a little bit of value when I added the color so i’m going to have to fix that.






For Halloween, Game Artisans┬áis hosting a mini competiton. Basically paint a classical horror ‘monster’ well…classically. Here is what I have so far. It’s rough though. I really need to work on this. My painting skills are nowhere near where they should be…damn.



Feel free to leave a critique!



More Animation!

Well I finished my walk. It’s not as good as i would have liked. Some of the animation is still choppy in some places. I also didn’t get around to doing a lot of secondary motions that would have helped. But here it is, in what little glory it has.

Here is another animation I’m working on. This is supposed to demonstrate the character displaying different emotions. This still needs some work. You can see the arms moving the the body and some really weird rotations. But it’s coming along.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work.

Also please check out my friend’s work. You can see her art here.