Skull Shield Progress

New project for class. This is pass 1 really. This will most likely change, in the next few days. in the end this will be textured too….I’m kind of worried about that. But I’m looking forward to doing some handpainting, giving it a more stylized look. I’m basing this design off the Sword Of War, from Darksiders, and of course…actual bucklers. So thanks for taking the time to check it out, hopefully next time I update it will be farther along.





Venom Bust

First assignment for my new class. Sculpt a bust of anything you want…? Awesome. This is about a 6 hour sculpt. I’m pretty pleased w/ it. There are some things i’d like to try out with this in the future, but for now, I’ll leave it as is. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment!







ACG Final

Art Creation For Games. Beauty Shot. Check it. It’s like a Cambodian jail cell…except…enjoyable….I had Motion Capture this month also The class was interesting, but it seriously took away from ACG, which was way more enjoyable but suffered because of the amount of time that I had to put into Motion Capture.




Some More ZBrush Work….

I got a copy of the new release of Zbrush. It’s got some nifty new features, none of which i am able to fully utilize right now. Although This sculpt took advantage of the new Dynamesh Feature. It’s really nothing more than an anatomy/ Zbrush Study. I want to add hair to it yet, but that’s like the last thing i need to do after proportions and more sculpting. Obviously there are some major problems that need to be addressed. This was made from scratch, starting with a sphere.


Thanks for viweing.