Scarlett Johansonn

So here she is. Finished. Mostly. So I learned a lot while sculpting this.

I developed a basic hair sculpting technique, which I’m happy about, although my hair came out a little messy. I was going for that sculpted look (seeing as how ZBrush doesn’t have the hair system yet), but I think I strayed too far from it. Now her hair is in this weird limbo. It was my first time really attempting hair, so all in all, I’m happy with it. I am really looking forward to playing around with this technique.

Her proportions, I think for the most part are correct. I tend to flatten and sharpen edges more than I should, which I think may have been a detriment in this sculpture. Some of her features may have come out either too pronounced. I had so much trouble with her nose and mouth, I’m still not completely happy with those features.

Im not sure if we were required to or not, but we were supplied alphas to use use for things such as pores, so I used them. Definitely a nice touch. Makes her feel that much more human. Among further inspection you will notice I even added wrinkles to the lips. Yes. I know. Stepping the game up. Watch out. Hah. I also attempted some simple eyelashes, which were nothing more than ZSpheres; Resized, duplicated, moved and mirrored. They aren’t the best, I know, but I still think it added a little more to the piece.

So. That’s about it for now. I hope you enjoy looking at these images. As always, crits and comments are appreciated, just leave them at the bottom.




2 responses to “Scarlett Johansonn

  1. Great work as always, Kapil. She’s beautiful. There’s something amiss with the inside corner of the eyes, however. The lids should wrap around and hold onto the eyeball. What you have there looks like there’s a mass of flesh sitting away from the ball. Try pushing the inside corner of her eye into her head to wrap around the ball more snugly. You said you had some trouble with the nose and mouth, but those features look very nice.

  2. Caris, good catch on the eyes. I had noticed that too, but totally forgot to fix it. Staring at the same shit for so long causes you to overlook things. Thanks for the tip!

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