Sculpt, Sculpt, Sculpt!

So I worked on this guy’s face a little more. I’m pretty happy with how he’s turning out. I’m almost ready to add some hair to him I think. I’m still messing with the area around the nose. It’s supposed to be slightly scrunched in anger, so there would probably be a few more lines and folds of skin. You can check out a turnaround below. I also added a pic showing the bust when I started compared to what it’s looking like now. I just now decided to rework a lot of the torso because I thought he was too big before. You can see from the pic that his size seems to be the same from the front, which it is for the most part. I didn’t include a side shot, but I got rid a lot of that mass that was there before. He’s still too wide for my tastes in the front so I’ll get to that eventually.


So here is my progress on my Scarlett Johansson bust. There is still a lot of work to go on this one haha. I haven’t lost hope yet. It’s basically tonight’s project. I think it’s looking more like her from the front at least. That silhouette still needs a decent amount of work though. Hair is going to be such a bitch. Whatever, she’s worth it.


Last but  not least, another class assignment. To introduce us to cloth, the teacher is having us sculpt this jacket. It’s got a decent amount of different types of folds. None of them are too crazy though, except for these damn zig zag folds on the arms. They are killing me. I can’t seem to get them to look right. I still enjoy it though. You’d be surprised if you look up the anatomy of cloth. While not nearly as exhausting as human anatomy, it’s still more complicated than I thought it would be. Guess that just means more practice!


So that’s basically what I’ve been working on today…Wait; It’s 1:30 Am right now. It’s what I worked on yesterday I guess haha. Whatever, my day starts when I wake up, and ends when I sleep. I’ve noticed I’m starting to do things a lot faster now in this program which is nice. It’s about time. I’m also developing a few techniques. I learned how to customize my interface today which is a very useful feature to have. ZBrush is super flexible about allowing you to streamline your interface. I’ve been messing with it all day and I still don’t have it how I like, but it’s a lot cleaner than before which is nice. I need all the screen real estate I can get on this small laptop.

Well hopefully you enjoyed this post. Crits and comments are always appreciated, just leave them at the bottom. Now, it’s back to work!


Click images for larger view.




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