So I’ve made some progress on this guy. But I’m still behind. I should have been retopping by now, damn. As you can see, I’ve added clothing. Im still touching up everything here and there. He is supposed to have an arm guard/ brace yet, but I may just tough up the hand wraps and leave it be for now, at least to get the project turned in. The boots are almost done, I still need to do detail work on the soles, and work on defining the planar separation more.

The mask isn’t done yet. I’m going to add trim to it yet, as well as a few more ornate designs. After that, all that’s left is hair. The dreadlocks will be sculpted out of ZSpheres, while the in game mesh will just be low-poly tubes. So I’m content with how this is turning out so far. I’ve definitely learned a lot while sculpting this, and I look forward to my next character! Crits and comments always welcome, just leave them at the bottom.





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