“Goddess” Concept

Sketch I did during lecture. Probably spent an hour on it. I was drawing in a rather large sketchbook today. So some of the proportion issues come from the angle I was drawing from. The book was flat on the desk as I was drawing so, the drawing looks more correct looking at an angle…Too bad it doesn’t look how it should at the correct angle haha. Oh well.




Thanks for taking the time to check it out.






Damn! has it really been almost a month since i’ve posted shit? I’ll get right on that. OH MAN! And I still havent uploaded final renders of my character from last month! Your man is slackin. WHY HASN’T ANYONE TOLD ME!?

So to start off a series of upcoming posts, I will leave this quick (and I do mean quick) sketch. I’ll have to hammer out the details later. Those hands are killing me, among a plethora of other issues with this.

I’ve been playing too much Street Fighter X Tekken lately…