Just Some Things

Started sculpting some hi-res stuff for a new project. stay tuned!


Obviously. There is still much work to be done. Oh and I’m lookin forward to messing with this “fibermesh.”

Thanks for checkin it out!



Green Goblin Bust

Well here he is. I had a lot of fun doing this project and Marmoset is really fun to use. I’m disappointed in the way my normal maps came out. I can never seem to render them properly. Also, some of the normals became really weird when importing. You’ll notice a “hole” under his nose. I learned so much while doing this, im really excited for next month. Well tell me what you think! On to the next one.



The green guy is just about finished. I’m still tweaking small details, skin pores and wrinkles. I have to make some eyes yet. But other than that, everything is ready to be re-topologized and textured.

So check out this preview.



Remember, click the image to see a higher res version! Thanks!