Green Goblin Bust

Well here he is. I had a lot of fun doing this project and Marmoset is really fun to use. I’m disappointed in the way my normal maps came out. I can never seem to render them properly. Also, some of the normals became really weird when importing. You’ll notice a “hole” under his nose. I learned so much while doing this, im really excited for next month. Well tell me what you think! On to the next one.



3 responses to “Green Goblin Bust

  1. I am looking at it from my cell phone, the resolution is not that great, so I don’t even see the ‘hole’ under his nose, but I love his facial expression!!! As for the normal map you might want to try to generate it in Topogun. I was never happy with my Zbrush maps, for some reason ,in Maya they just never look the way I want.

    P.S. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Last month was really hectic for me and I didn’t even get a chance to update.

    -J. Kapil Renninger

    • Hey thanks! I’ll have to look into TOPOGUN. I just started using XNormal. It’s free, but it turns out a lot better than transfer maps in maya. Thanks for looking at my work! I checked out your site. Im liking your paintings. That horse looks great, I love your use of color. By the way, did you go to FUll Sail?

      • Thaks for checking my web site out! I did go to full sail (online) for a year. But then they threw few general classes, like math, so while doing math I was learning by myself the next class (Zbrush), and in the result I was a bit ahead all the time and I felt like I am wasting money. So I quit and self study for another year. Now I am finishing my modeling demo reel…

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