Early Morning Character Designs

Couldn’t really sleep much, so I figured I’d do some concepting. Just quick doodles.

characterdesigns_01 characterdesigns_02

Thanks for viewing!



One response to “Early Morning Character Designs

  1. Hey! I really like these sketches. Especially the girl design. Its so clean! Its so hard for me to stay that clean especially in photoshop. Although just wanted to point something out about it, she looks like she’s about to fall to the right.. I sorta did a quick sketch over it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9531lafspjr9le5/characterdesigns_01.psd
    Tell me what you think about it, if theres anything you may not understand or anything I dont understand.. like the pose you were going for but.. well.. we’re all here to get better anyways… Keep up the good work!

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