Really trying to push this one. Struggling with the composition. I dunno. More to come.


Thanks for viewing.



Took it a little further tonight, so here is a quick update.



One response to “Sketching

  1. kapil you have a great sense of the human figure. I really gotta give it up to you on that. I noticed that you said you were struggling with the composition, and I know that it is one very hard element to master. From what I can gather from this sketch is that there is an extremely harsh diagonal going from the bottom left to top right. Diagonals are an effective tool in composition, but be conscious of the balance within the piece. I feel like that diagonal is bringing the piece down towards the bottom left. Maybe in the final product you can put some subtle but powerful elements in the top left to balance it out and prevent that topsy turvy effect. Here is a example for a reference.

    The mountains root the piece even though it is weighted heavily to one corner. Edward hopper is a master of composition.

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