I saved this as a lower quality version, some of the color got muddied. I’ll have to upload a new one later.



“Experiment” Process

I managed to save some of my process for my last piece, if anybody’s interested.

The original sketch had more characters, but I ditched as I thought It was getting too complicated. Also I was having trouble with a few poses, mainly Venom and Spider-man. I had cropped the “Values” version, as a facebook preview, so I don’t have the whole piece.










Hope you enjoy!


Digital Doodles #3: Mech Silhouettes

A friend of mine piqued my interest when he linked me to a 2d Mech Design Competition online. While I’m still unsure about actually submitting anything, I think it would be at least fun to do. So I barfed up a bunch of silhouettes quick just to get some ideas flowing. had a lot of fun with these especially the insect based designs. More to come, thanks for viewing!

MD_001 MD_002 MD_003 MD_004